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Hillary Clinton tweets 'vote them out' after Senate GOP confirm Barrett Details 0.4613
Trump campaign asks Supreme Court to halt North Carolina absentee ballot plan Details -0.0648
Stahl tells Pence he and Trump 'insulted 60 Minutes' by giving 'campaign speeches' Details 0.0356
White House getting pushback on possible government-owned 5G network Details 0.063
Barrett sworn in as Supreme Court justice by Thomas Details 0.3487
Pelosi dismisses talk of White House compromise on stimulus: They 'keep moving the goal post' Details 0.0402
Biden campaign aide: Trump trying to distort former vice president's position on oil Details 0.0383
Pope Francis names first Black US cardinal, Wilton Gregory Details 0.2087
Senate to hold all-night session ahead of Barrett confirmation vote Details 0.2442
Latest 'Borat' footage appears to show star at the White House, meeting Trump Jr. Details 0.1404
Stahl tells Pence he and Trump 'insulted 60 Minutes' by giving 'campaign speeches' Details 0.0356
Pelosi: House will use 'every arrow in our quiver' to stop Trump Supreme Court nominee Details 0.2501
Ocasio-Cortez says Democrats must focus on winning White House for Biden Details 0.3691
White House lawyer helped shop controversial Hunter Biden story to Wall Street Journal: NYT Details 0.1226
Republicans advance Barrett's Supreme Court nomination after Democrats boycott committee vote Details 0.0241
House Democrats threaten to subpoena HHS over allegations of political interference at CDC Details -0.1957
GOP clears key hurdle on Barrett's Supreme Court nomination, setting up Monday confirmation Details 0.2253
Schumer warns of COVID-19 danger posed by Pence on Senate floor Details 0.2704
Dozens of legal experts throw weight behind Supreme Court term limit bill Details 0.2087
Supreme Court rejects Democrats' bid to reinstate mail-in ballot extension in Wisconsin Details -0.1855
Trump expressed doubt to donors GOP can hold Senate: report Details 0.1058
Brown says Biden's first moves as president should be COVID relief, voting rights Details 0.4227
Texas Supreme Court temporarily reinstates governor's ban on additional ballot drop boxes in state Details -0.0996
Fox News president, top anchors advised to quarantine after coronavirus exposure: report Details 0.2752
Watch live: Senate debates Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination Details 0.1714
WATCH LIVE: Amy Coney Barrett is sworn onto Supreme Court at White House ceremony Details 0.3348
Lesley Stahl: Giant health care book in Trump interview had 'no comprehensive health care plan' Details 0.1606
Democratic Senate emerges as possible hurdle for progressives Details 0.1869
Poll shows statistical tie in Montana Senate race Details -0.1038
Watch live: Senate votes to confirm Barrett Details 0.2002
White House to host swearing-in event for Barrett on Monday night Details 0.256
Democrats brace for nail-biting finish to Senate battle Details 0.2239
Democratic AGs urge Supreme Court to deny Trump bid to block North Carolina mail-vote extension Details -0.1643
Giuliani responds to reports on 'Borat' scene, says he was 'tucking in' his shirt Details -0.0034
Senate Dems hold talkathon to protest Barrett's Supreme Court nomination Details 0.0685
NASA astronaut Kate Rubins votes from space in the US election using the 'ISS voting booth' Details 0.1598
Senators battle over Supreme Court nominee in rare Saturday session Details 0.0351
Biden swipes at Trump ally Giuliani at debate: He's 'being used as a Russian pawn' Details 0.0358
Clarence Thomas set to swear in Barrett at White House Details 0.2611
Meadows doubles down on White House pandemic response: 'we're not going to control it' Details -0.132