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Mitch McConnell Says Trump Would Have 'A Very Hard Time' Becoming President Again Details -0.0212
'Profits over people': Senate rejects paid sick leave for rail workers Details -0.0679
Herschel Walker Seems Confused as to Whether He's Running for the House or the Senate Details 0.1828
White House to Trump: ‘You cannot only love America when you win’ Details -0.5708
How a railroad labor dispute ended up in Congress' lap Details -0.0164
Top Trump White House lawyers appear before federal grand jury Details 0.0577
WHAT IS “ISLD”? How this week’s Supreme Court case can bring down American democracy Details 0.2072
French President Macron Calls Out Trump in State Dinner Toast and It's Perfect Details 0.3136
YE OR NAY: GOP does a dirty delete after Kanye’s Hitler worship Details 0.2969
French President Macron Warns Elon Musk That Twitter Must Heed EU Rules Against Lies, Hate Details -0.2459
Kanye West Tells Alex Jones All The Reasons Why He Likes Hitler Details 0.0911
It Took Ye Praising Hitler Before the House Judiciary GOP Took Down Its Infamous Tweet Details 0.1082
Rural Arizona County Could Give Democrats Another Seat in Congress Details -0.5832
'I Like Hitler': Kanye Unleashes Career-Ending Rant on Alex Jones Show, Alongside Nick Fuentes Details 0.1923
Donald Trump secretly paid off millions in debt to North Korean-linked company while president Details -0.3701
French President Macron Calls Out Trump in State Dinner Toast and It's Beautiful Details 0.3151
2022 Georgia election results: Warnock and Walker face off for final Senate seat of 2022 Details -0.0792
GOP Lawmaker On Trump's Call To Suspend The Constitution: No Biggie! Details 0.1234
Obama closes for Warnock in Georgia Senate race Details 0.0369
NOTHING-BURGER: Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi’s “Twitter Files” dump proved ZERO Details 0.0092
3 takeaways from the big early voting numbers in Georgia’s Senate runoff Details 0.1937
NOT OKKK: The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court just said what about the Klan? Details 0.1137
Congress To Investigate SCOTUS Lobbying, Alito Leaks Details 0.3335
Twitter Reinstates One Of America's Most Infamous Neo-Nazis Details 0.039
“It Appears All Hope Is Lost,” House Republicans Warn Details -0.0759
SUPREME DANGER: Many legal scholars fear new Supreme Court case is a threat to democracy Details 0.2306
Liz Cheney Declares Trump 'An Enemy Of The Constitution' Details -0.0633
Supreme Court hears case that could undercut LGBTQ rights Details 0.0726
Fetterman’s next chief of staff authored book calling for abolition of Senate filibuster Details 0.1938
Trump Again Calls for New Election Based on Musk/Taibbi “Review” Details -0.1505
Trump’s Dinner Fiasco Was a Win for Fascists Playing the Long Game Details 0.0778
Trump Companies Convicted on All Nine Counts in Criminal Tax Fraud Trial Details -0.1123
GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski Condemns Trump's Call To Terminate Constitution Details 0.0312
Ted Cruz and porn: a brief history Details 0.2667
Everything to know about Georgia’s big Senate runoff Details 0.1834
Red-state rodeos to set GOP’s 2024 Senate chances Details 0.117
Bill to Ban Trump From Becoming President via 14th Amendment Under Consideration Details 0.0459
Both Sides See High Stakes In Gay Rights Supreme Court Case Details 0.0683
What Congress can do with Trump’s tax returns Details 0.0201
Trump Lashes Out at Kanye West, 'He Tried to F**k Me, He's Crazy, He Can't Beat Me!' Details -0.1244
Supreme Court Takes Up Case Pitting Gay Rights Against Religion Details 0.3078
“Mr. Trump Explicitly Sanctioning Tax Fraud! That’s What This Document Shows!” Details -0.1715
Herschel Walker Thinks GA Runoff Determines Control Of Senate Details 0.0357
Senate GOP leaders turn on Trump over suspend-the-Constitution talk Details 0.1878
POLITICAL VIOLENCE: Homeowner shoots teen Warnock canvasser Details -0.0829
BURN EVERYTHING: Trump calls for DITCHING the Constitution to reinstall himself as president Details -0.0865
Brazilian Soccer Legend Pelé Responding Well To Treatment For Infection Details 0.2633
Inside the White House gun violence initiative they say is actually working Details -0.1464
OPEN SEDITION: Trump DEMANDS suspension of the Constitution in ASTOUNDING post Details -0.1385
GOP Strategist: Trump Can't Treat The Constitution Like His Wives Details -0.225
'In the interest of both parties': Parler announces termination of Kanye West purchase deal Details 0.2143
Listen live: Supreme Court hears Christian Right religion versus LGBTQ civil rights challenge Details 0.2595
Herschel Walker Once Said He Was the Target of Racism. Now He Claims It Doesn’t Exist. Details -0.3144
Trump Explodes on Truth Social and Demands to be Reinstated as President Details -0.3143
Kinzinger Berates Trump For His Demand To ‘Terminate’ Constitution Details 0.0485
Elon Musk Quiet After Kanye West Threatens To Subvert Alex Jones Twitter Ban Details -0.1647
Investigation Into Supreme Court Corruption Announced In Congress Details 0.1715
Forced Labor, Child Miners, Payment in Drugs—Clean Energy Supply Chain Has Issues Details 0.0873
'Answer The Question': CBS Host Battles GOPer Over Trump's Call To Terminate Constitution Details 0.0499
Trump Calls To Suspend Constitution & Declare Him President Details 0.0311
Adam Schiff Berates Trump For Calling To Suspend Constitution Details -0.229
Joe Biden Condemns Kanye West's Latest Antisemitic Rant Details 0.0722
The US Men’s Soccer Team Lost Today, but the Women Won Big Details 0.2453
Con Law: How a Fake Document Could Help the Supreme Court Diminish our Democracy Details -0.055
House, Senate negotiators agree to add $45B to Biden’s defense budget Details 0.3969