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Biden Supports Sweden, Finland Joining NATO Details 0.2924
New Poll Shows Dr. Oz Takes Lead Over Barnette, McCormick Details 0.1216
Watch: Newsmax Cuts Out Kari Lake Saying “Joe Biden, An Illegitimate President” – Dinesh D’Souza: “Newsmax Is Also Blocking Coverage of 2000 Mules” Details -0.0033
NBC Poll: Biden Hits New Low in Approval Details 0.2135
Biden: Supreme Court Doesn't Believe in Right to Privacy Details 0.0916
Sen. Rand Paul to Newsmax: Dems 'Politicizing' Shooting 'a Big Mistake' Details -0.1728
Pentagon: Congress Must Pass $40B Bill by Thursday to Maintain Ukraine Aid Details -0.1359
Newsmax's Greg Kelly: 'Phony' Senate Candidate Barnette No MAGA Member Details 0.1146
Dr. Oz: I'm the 'America First' Senate Candidate Who Can Win in November Details 0.1115
Audit Shows Nearly Half of Biden's Twitter Followers Are Bots Details -0.2903
GOP: Pelosi, Other Top Dems to Be Subpoenaed If Republicans Win House Back Details 0.0443
House Dems' Support for SCOTUS Expansion Grows After Abortion-Opinion Leak Details 0.411
Sen. Rand Paul Stymies Effort to Pass $40B Ukraine Aid Bill Details -0.1422
David Gergen: 'Real Risk' for US If Biden Runs Again in 2024 Details -0.1251
Kamala Draws Scrutiny Over Poorly Orated Speech She Appeared to Read Details 0.0404
Michelle Obama Worries About Post-Roe Healthcare for 'Womxn' Details -0.0192
Musk: Ineffective Biden, Democrats Controlled by Lawyers, Unions Details -0.0216
Progressive MoveOn Dumping $30M Into Races to Battle 'MAGA' Details 0.1729
Poland Thanks Ivanka Trump for Her Role in Aid Project Details 0.0554
Clarence Thomas Says Abortion Leak Has Changed Supreme Court Details 0.0074
Retired Russian Colonel Criticizes Ukraine Invasion on Russian TV Details 0.0411
Clarence Thomas Says Abortion Leak Has Changed Supreme Court Details 0.0074