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Chamber of Commerce Presses House GOP to Back Infrastructure Bill Details 0.1463
Biden's Pro-Abortion Bill Is Off-the-Charts Details 0.1137
Local candidate for Congress paints another large Donald Trump mural in yard Details 0.2047
Biden White House Endorses Bill Guaranteeing Abortion Access Details 0.1841
Texas Law Penalizes Distribution of Abortion Pills After 7 Weeks Details -0.0019
House GOP Whipping Up Support Against $1.2T Infrastructure Bill Details 0.1153
Officials: Many Migrants From Border Camp Staying in US, Not Being Deported as Promised Details 0.0198
Border Patrol Agent Judd to Newsmax: DHS 'Knew' Migrant Surge Was Coming Details 0.0049
GOP Not on Board as Govt Shutdown Looms, Debt Limit Showdown Approaches Details -0.0855
Gallup Poll: Biden Approval Falls to Record Low 43 Percent Details 0.3142
DHS Looking for Private Contractor to Run Migrant Facility at Guantanamo Details 0.0917
Susan Collins Won't Support Abortion Bill Details 0.0298
Biden: Unvaccinated Americans 'Costing All of Us' Details 0.1375
Sen. Johnson to Newsmax: Mayorkas Lying About Illegal Immigrant Numbers Details -0.0133
Dems Seek to Abolish Trump-Created Space Force Details 0.1525
RNC Chief McDaniel: Biden 'Putting America Last' Details 0.0957
Biden Says Budget Talks Hit 'Stalemate,' Concedes $3.5T May Take a While Details 0.0784
Rep. Banks: Study Shows 'Tax Hypocrisy,' Biden Owes $500K in Taxes Details 0.1077
Texas Orders Audit of 2020 Election Details 0.0534
Rasmussen Poll: Trump a Shoo-in Over Biden, Harris if Election Were Now Details -0.1615
Trump Calls Reports on Arizona Audit 'Fake News' Details -0.1024
Rep. Madison Cawthorn to Newsmax: Fauci Might Be Compromised Details -0.024
Rev. Sharpton Rips Biden for Haitian Migrant Deportation Details -0.1896
Arizona Vote Auditors Raise Biden Total, Claim Numerous Anomalies Details -0.0345
Rep. Walorski to Newsmax: House 'Abortion on Demand' Bill Too 'Extreme' Details -0.0121
Border Patrol Union Head: WH Using Mounted Agents to Deflect Migrant Crisis Details -0.1657
Republicans on Verge of Outnumbering Democrats in Florida for First Time Details 0.0703
Trump Vows 'Executive Privilege' on Jan. 6 'Unselect Committee' Subpoenas Details -0.3542
Gallup Poll: Biden Approval Falls to Record Low 43 Percent Details 0.3142
Sen. Marsha Blackburn: Terrorist 'Ideology' Now 'in Charge of Afghanistan' Details -0.6623
House Dems Ask Cyber Ninjas CEO to Testify on Arizona Audit Details 0.1371
New Harris/Harvard CAP Poll Finds Trump Leading 2024 Primary Details 0.2171
NIH Chief Voices Support for Vax Mandate for Some Border Migrants Details -0.0383
Poll: Biden's Approval Sinks to 44 Percent — His Lowest Yet Details 0.195
Toomey: Dems Will Go It Alone On Debt Ceiling Rise, Exposing Dangerous 'Spending Spree' Details 0.1552
Biden's Tanking Approval Rating Opens Door for 'Free-for-All' Democratic Party Primary Details 0.2625
2 Co-hosts of 'The View' Test Positive for COVID Before Vice President Harris Appearance Details 0.1855
GOP Governors Seek Biden Meeting on 'Emergent Crisis' at Border Details -0.1199
Rep. Jim Jordan to Newsmax: Biden, Dems 'Crazy' for Pulling Israel's Iron Dome Funding Details 0.1389
Sen. Marsha Blackburn: Terrorist 'Ideology' Now 'in Charge of Afghanistan' Details -0.6623
Gallup Poll: Biden Approval Falls to Record Low 43 Percent Details 0.3142
Trump: Only 'Bad Call from a Doctor' Would Prevent 2024 Run Details -0.1772
Rubio Reveals Bill Allowing Shareholders to Sue Over Corporate Boycotts Details 0.3328
GOP Rep. Gibbs Files 3 Articles of Impeachment Against Biden Details -0.2614
Former ICE Official: Migrants Being Transported, Released Around US Details 0.0604
AP: Ariz. Audit Finds More Biden Votes, Critics Point to Anomalies Details -0.0291