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Trump releases unedited video of contentious '60 Minutes' interview he abruptly left Details -0.0209
Trump arrives at early vote location in Florida Details 0.0905
Election Confessions from the night of the presidential debate Details 0.0612
Fact check: Trump gets rates of recovery for Covid-19 wrong Details -0.2951
Senate Judiciary Committee to vote on Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court nomination Details 0.073
TRUMP: We have a vaccine that's going to be announced within weeks. Details 0.0933
Lesley Stahl challenges Pence on Trump's '60 Minutes' meltdown Details 0.1173
Here's the Full List of Donald Trump's Executive Orders Details 0.1519
Michelle Obama throws shade at Trump's '60 Minutes' interview Details 0.1213
Is the Trump administration really 'working very hard' to reunite migrant parents and children? Details 0.241
Obama asks voters to imagine what a 'normal' president would feel like Details -0.0826
Biden responds to Republican senator's criticism of son Hunter Details -0.0577
Woman broadens claims against Biden to include sexual assault Details -0.1612
Trump tests negative for Covid-19 on plane ride to debate Details -0.0622
Senate advances Amy Coney Barrett nomination ahead of final confirmation vote Details 0.2406
Debate fact-check: Trump and Biden face off in final debate Details -0.1623
Ivanka Trump fundraises in Beverly Hills for father's cash-strapped campaign Details 0.009
Biden calls for 'bipartisan commission' to propose ways to 'reform the court system' Details 0.2289
Who won the Trump-Biden debate? Experts grade the candidates Details 0.1214
Voters could remove racist phrases from Alabama Constitution Details 0.0315
Supreme Court blocks curbside voting in Alabama, ending a pandemic election option Details 0.0835
'Online and vulnerable': Experts find nearly three dozen U.S. voting systems connected to internet Details 0.0576
Pence chief of staff, senior political adviser both test positive for Covid-19 Details 0.0574
Biden says Hunter laptop allegations are part of 'a smear campaign' Details 0.1263
Postal contracts awarded to DeJoy-run company were questioned in 2001 Postal Service audit Details 0.0525
Fact check: Was U.S. the first country to shut down travel from China after Covid-19 emerged? Details 0.0984
GOP candidate Madison Cawthorn's website attacks critic for going to 'work for non-white males' Details -0.1815
Trump travel anticipates a race potentially decided by a single Electoral College vote Details 0.2084
Early voting could hit 100 million by Election Day Details 0.1553
Trump is pushing a baseless conspiracy about the Bidens and China. Here's what we know. Details -0.0604
Debate fact check: What was true, and what wasn't Details 0.0757
Judge orders Trump to pay $2 million for misusing his foundation Details 0.089
Sen. Mitch McConnell's great-great-grandfathers owned 14 slaves, bringing reparations issue close to home Details -0.0242
Boston police arrest man suspected of setting fire to ballot box Details -0.0831
Trump struggles to stay on message during 90-minute New Hampshire speech Details 0.1058
'This is not magic': Democrats work to make inroads in the South for the first time in decades Details 0.2297
Supreme Court blocks Alabama curbside voting, Obama debuts on campaign trail Details 0.0533
Fact check: Trump says Biden sold Ukraine 'pillows and sheets.' What's he talking about? Details 0.1052
Labor chiefs called 'emergency' session over Trump's election threats Details 0.074
It's Joe Biden: The concert Details -0.0317
Pope Francis appoints Archbishop Wilton Gregory as first Black American cardinal Details 0.0157
Five key races likely to determine Senate control Details 0.1015
Cher and Lizzo lend their voices to Biden campaign Details -0.0259
Pence casts his in-person early vote in Indiana Details 0.1545
Ethiopia denounces Donald Trump remark that Egypt could 'blow up' Nile dam Details -0.0044
Biden tests negative for Covid-19 ahead of debate Details 0.0089
Masked Trump leaves White House, arrives at hospital Details 0.1054
Feds investigating attempted arson of ballot box in Boston Details 0.1352
Mute point: Debate co-chair Fahrenkopf defends microphone-cutting decision in Trump-Biden debate Details 0.0743
Trumps gains one hip-hop endorsement, loses another Details 0.2026
Trump’s economic report card on the stock market, GDP and jobs Details 0.1906
Poll: Majority of Americans know someone who's had Covid-19 Details 0.0033
As Trump paints rosy picture of coronavirus, his own health officials sound alarm Details -0.054
Trump heads into final debate with little formal prep, expects to focus on Hunter Biden, China Details -0.0556
Lisa Murkowski becomes 2nd GOP senator to oppose pre-election Supreme Court vote Details 0.0952
Seven Black candidates contending for Senate seats in historic election Details 0.0
Vladimir Putin says Trump was impeached for 'made-up reasons' Details -0.1073
Debate tracker: The final 2020 presidential debate, by the numbers Details -0.3563
Dialed down, Biden, Trump clash over Covid-19 response, fracking in final debate Details -0.1069
Pope Francis faces divided Catholic Church after backing same-sex civil unions Details 0.1124
Poland's President Andrzej Duda tests positive for coronavirus Details 0.0556
Highlights from the final Trump-Biden presidential debate Details 0.033
ANALYSIS: Trump hates Biden's stretch-run strategy. Biden loves Trump's. Details -0.0097
Trump says coronavirus risk to Americans 'very low,' puts Pence in charge of gov't response Details -0.0931