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Buffalo supermarket shooter's chilling 180-page manifesto mentioned 'great replacement theory' Details -0.2272
Putin warns Finland 'made a mistake' and Lavrov says 'total hybrid war' has been declared on Russia Details -0.179
Musk retweets undercover vid of Twitter exec saying can't take him 'seriously' due to Asperger's Details 0.1136
Pentagon shows Congress two videos of mysterious objects in first UFO hearing in 50 YEARS Details 0.1043
Buffalo shooter spared manager's life and said 'sorry' after realizing he's white Details -0.1933
Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker share a rare glimpse of their relationship while playing board games Details 0.3219
Multiple people are injured and 'several dead' after mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket Details -0.1368
Democrats and Kamala Harris most UNPOPULAR out of Trump, Biden, DeSantis, Disney, SCOTUS and the GOP Details 0.2851
Monkeypox hits Europe: Portugal says five men have virus while Spain probes eight suspected cases Details -0.1048
Ukraine war: Finland and Sweden submit NATO applications Details -0.0749
Ukraine's Eurovision winners return to a heroes' welcome as they are mobbed by fans in Lviv Details 0.4093
Made in Chelsea star led lavish life with Inigo Philbrick who faces years in jail Details 0.048
Russia's former President Medvedev warns Western military aid for Ukraine risks sparking nuclear war Details -0.0918
Nestle is airlifting baby formula to the US from the Netherlands and Switzerland amid crisis Details 0.0142
Finland's president formally announces bid to join NATO despite Putin threat Details 0.2612
White House condemns North Korean ballistic missile launch Details -0.1844
Finland's President tells Putin his country will join NATO after Russia cuts off electricity supply Details -0.1441
Buffalo shooter's family say suspect snapped because of his paranoia and isolation during pandemic Details -0.0867
BLM spent $1.2 million lobbying Congress last year Details 0.0872
Chinese man, 68, opened fire at California church over 'political tensions between China and Taiwan' Details -0.0917
Scott Morrison contradicts himself over interest rate rise following 2008 clip from Parliament Details 0.309
Candace Owens releases footage showing her outside BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors' home Details 0.0496
Ukraine war: Russia suffers heavy losses in failed Donbas river crossing Details -0.2357
America records one million Covid-19 deaths: Biden pays tribute to Americans who have died Details -0.1403
Congress to hold its first public UFO hearing in 50 YEARS today Details 0.2811
NYPD deploys extra units across NYC to Black places of worship following Buffalo Shooting Details -0.2661