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The vulnerable Democrat in Trump country who is key to Pelosi staying in power Details 0.0853
School meals news live: Latest updates as Tory MP urged to apologise over tweet Details 0.085
Nasa to make major announcement of ‘exciting news’ about the moon Details 0.1534
What do Russia and Iran have to gain from obtaining US voter information? Details 0.2041
Trump says pro-Israel group will vote for him to protect their money: ‘You’re not nice people at all. You’re not going to vote for the wealth tax’ Details 0.1172
Manchester to enter tier 3 lockdown after government fails to reach deal with local leaders Details 0.122
End SARS Nigeria news live: Protester death confirmed, curfew imposed in Lagos Details -0.5137
Borat 2: The chilling ‘fact’ Trump supporters told Sacha Baron Cohen about Hillary Clinton Details -0.13
What happens if the US election is contested? Details 0.15
CDC official who made early warning about coronavirus silenced by Trump, documentary reveals Details -0.1438
Coronavirus: WHO urges UK to move to local contact tracing system Details 0.0711
Coronavirus vaccine: When will one be ready? Details 0.1676
Tory MPs block plan to extend free school meals over holidays Details -0.0481
Boris Johnson rejects EU olive branch over Brexit talks Details 0.1007
Opposing sides of landmark gay marriage case unite to oppose Trump's court pick Details -0.0756
Yasmin Qureshi: Labour MP treated in hospital for pneumonia after contracting Covid Details 0.0707
Plan to retrieve Titanic radio spurs debate on human remains Details -0.1065
US officials reportedly targeted by sonic attacks in America on at least three occasions Details -0.2827
How will the 2020 election affect control of Congress? Details 0.1274
Texas Republican becomes latest to attack Trump as senate races tighten Details -0.02
Coronavirus: Tier 3 status is ‘gateway to agony’ with no exit route for millions, Labour warns Details 0.0343
NYC, Portland and Seattle sue Trump administration over threatening to pull funding Details -0.3633
Mitch McConnell hand: What is wrong with it? Details 0.1126
Mitch McConnell, I'm an attorney — and the impeachment 'trial' you're planning isn't a trial at all Details -0.1219
'Our house is on fire': Suburban women lead a Trump revolt Details -0.0026
Barrett was trustee at private school with anti-gay policies Details 0.1099
Ilhan Omar says Trump’s insults are threatening her life Details -0.3949
Police brutality protesters storm Nigerian prison and free 200 inmates Details -0.5254
Boris Johnson condemned for ‘appalling’ Tory alliance with neo-Nazi and anti-Muslim parties across Europe Details 0.0741
‘I have to be honest’: Fauci says Trump administration controlling media appearances during coronavirus pandemic Details 0.053
Ghislaine Maxwell says Bill Clinton was not on Epstein's island but did fly on private jet Details -0.1269
The odds don't lie: I’m betting on Joe Biden for president Details 0.234
Trump's niece Mary berates president during final debate: 'Only thing more grotesque than cruelty is the racism' Details -0.2394
Donald J.Trump, Cognitively our First Child President Details 0.0129
Bruce Springsteen jokes he will move to Ireland if Donald Trump is re-elected as US President Details 0.0572
Coronavirus: Up to 90,000 people could be infected in England each day, Patrick Vallance says Details -0.0012
Trump supporter appears to repeatedly flash white power sign at Florida rally Details 0.058
US, Saudi Arabia and Uganda join forces to declare women have no intrinsic right to abortion Details 0.0885
How will record early voting turnout affect the US election result? Details -0.085
Trump campaign spokesperson claims parents of children separated at US border do not want them back Details 0.0066
Inside Politics: No 10 rejects EU offer to restart Brexit talks Details 0.1905
2020 election: Trump supporter caught on video claiming the president is ‘racist against lazy people’ Details 0.1955
'I was tucking in my shirt': Giuliani responds to newly-released Borat clip Details -0.1401
‘Rather than say thank you, she calls me a white supremacist’: The story of Trump’s obsession with Gretchen Whitmer Details -0.1686
Supreme Court: Republican’s push for Amy Coney Barrett confirmation by election day despite Democrat boycott Details 0.1703
Pro-Trump televangelist predicts that president will win the election and the world will end Details -0.2209
Christian singer to host evangelical ‘worship protest’ on Washington DC’s National Mall with 15,000 expected to attend Details 0.0332
Cuba says US sanctions have caused nearly $5.6B in losses Details -0.188
'Women notice': AOC rebukes Trump and GOP for 'disrespecting' congresswomen by using their nicknames Details -0.1136
50 Cent endorses Trump for president: 'I don't care he doesn't like black people' Details 0.0619
‘Britain is better off with Biden’: Boris Johnson’s ex-chancellor backs Democrat over Trump Details 0.3205
Utah senator apologises after saying people should ‘stay home’ if they don’t want to be bitten by police dogs Details -0.0684
Brexit: Michael Gove says door still ‘ajar’ for trade talks with EU Details 0.3902