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Britney Spears says she's lost baby due to miscarriage Details 0.0064
Alex Davies: The former politics student who founded Britain’s first neo-Nazi terrorist group Details -0.1296
Buffalo shooting: Anti-racism expert condemns ‘great replacement’ conspiracy pushed by Tucker Carlson and GOP Details -0.2998
Northern Ireland protocol latest: Liz Truss announces plan to override EU Brexit deal Details 0.1515
Eurovision winners Kalush Orchestra will celebrate ‘after the war’ in Ukraine Details 0.1897
Liz Cheney says House Republicans have ‘enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-semitism’ Details -0.3121
Breaking: Justice Mary Odili Bows Out Of Supreme Court Details 0.3101
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan becomes UAE's president Details 0.0857
Psaki says she and her children were target of ‘threats’ for White House work Details -0.2222
White House hosts global Covid summit as Biden marks 1 million Americans dead Details -0.0202
Jen Psaki says she’ll miss her daily confrontations with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy Details 0.195
Britons struggling with cost of living should get ‘better job’, says minister Details 0.096
Trump news today: Jan 6 committee subpoena McCarthy as probe into secret documents at Mar-a-Lago begins Details -0.2785
Boris Johnson latest news: PM to hold Stormont talks as UK sets out Northern Ireland protocol plans Details -0.2614
Buffalo mass shooting – latest: Slain security guard hailed a ‘hero’, as Payton Gendron pleads not guilty to 10 murders Details -0.2603
Philippines president-elect Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr accused of falsely claiming to have a degree from Oxford Details 0.2489
Northern Ireland protocol latest: EU warns of retaliation if UK overrides Brexit deal Details -0.07
Tory MP arrested on suspicion of rape released on bail Details -0.3609
Schumer sends letter to Fox News asking network to stop amplifying ‘Great Replacement’ theory Details -0.4827
Lauren Boebert under fire for attacking companies offering to cover travel expenses for out-of-state abortions Details 0.0516
Rep Dan Crenshaw says Marjorie Taylor Greene is ‘going after that Russia Today slot’ Details -0.1007
Michael Flynn says US Army is ‘persecuting’ him with fine for taking money from Russian government TV channel Details 0.0338
Spanish women suffering painful periods given three-day menstrual leave Details -0.5601
Madison Cawthorn mocked for wishing US would spend $40bn on veterans Details 0.0005
World complacent on Covid, warns Gordon Brown Details -0.1389
Plane draws ‘make beer not war’ with flight path in skies over Poland Details 0.1511
Hired 'hackers' try, and fail, to invade Brazil vote system Details 0.0288
Plans to override Northern Ireland protocol set scene for explosive Brexit row with Brussels Details -0.0123
UFO sightings are ‘frequent and continuing’ – and some cannot be explained, Navy admits Details 0.4779
Boris Johnson latest news: PM to face Keir Starmer in PMQs amid living costs crisis Details -0.2963
Scott Morrison has ten key election messages — nine are not true Details -0.0583
Mad 'Bulldozer' Morrison ─ can he fix it? No, he can't Details -0.0168
Boris Johnson admits agreeing Northern Ireland Protocol rules but ‘hoped’ EU would not apply them Details 0.1164
Billboard Music Awards 2022: Glass Animals joke they’re the ‘least rock and roll people in the world’ after win Details 0.5712
Joe Rogan mocked after realising he shared fake news story about Australia on Spotify podcast Details -0.0537
Gun used in Buffalo supermarket shooting was bought legally but modified, governor says Details -0.2765
Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Details 0.4627