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Keir Starmer accuses Boris Johnson of ‘selling out’ workers over failure to support fire and rehire bill Details -0.4525
GOP to oppose in Thursday vote on contempt against Steve Bannon Details -0.2759
Madison Cawthorn calls for mothers to raise ‘monster’ men in terrifying speech against ‘demasculation’ Details -0.1107
Close hate crime loophole that allows social media bosses to escape the law, Keir Starmer demands Details -0.3688
Rudy Giuliani scares the internet with bizarre video using Abraham Lincoln filter Details 0.0608
Failure of rich world to share Covid vaccines is ‘criminal’, says Gordon Brown Details 0.0898
‘Don’t burn our future’: Climate activists light diplomas on fire outside White House Details -0.1717
Boris Johnson told to end long delay to social media abuse crackdown after killing of David Amess Details -0.4449
Trump forced to sit for four-hour deposition on 2015 attack on protesters: ‘No one is above the law’ Details -0.131
Arkansas governor accepts vaccine mandates work despite allowing people to opt out Details 0.157
‘Blah, blah, blah’: Jamie Raskin acts dismissively to Matt Gaetz in shouting match over 6 January Details -0.0572
No 10 denies Boris Johnson broke lockdown rules at Christmas with wife Carrie Details -0.0793
Trump claims he ‘would have stopped’ Capitol rioters if Secret Service had let him ‘go down there’ Details -0.1329
Boris Johnson blames people not getting booster jabs for slow rollout Details -0.176
Colin Powell blasted Trump’s ‘awful’ January 6 coup in interview with Bob Woodward Details -0.3625
MPs ‘likely’ to be offered private security guards after David Amess killing, says Dominic Raab Details 0.2714
Angela Rayner’s ‘scum’ comment was provocative – but not connected to the tragic killing of Sir David Amess Details -0.2396
What is executive privilege? Behind the slippery legal doctrine claimed by Donald Trump for keeping Jan 6 records secret Details -0.0998
Trump had to be held back from sending in troops to fight the cartels in Mexico, report says Details -0.1368
Everything we know about Trump’s new social network Details 0.1142
Brexit deal an ‘existential threat’ to the careers of touring musicians, David Frost warned Details -0.1234
Covid press conference today: What time is the announcement? Details -0.1175
Biden administration asks Supreme Court to block controversial Texas abortion law Details -0.3318
Booster jab programme won’t be completed until March, Labour warns Details 0.0266
Dominic Raab is proceeding with extreme caution in his ‘overhaul’ of human rights Details 0.1072
David Amess: Speaker Lindsay Hoyle says ‘quality of political discourse must change’ to end hate Details -0.2198
Fifa not ‘enemy of football’ for World Cup plan, Gianni Infantino insists Details 0.1217
Tory reforms redistributed schools cash from poor to rich areas Details 0.0366
Police will charge Sinema protesters who followed her into bathroom Details -0.0586
Matt Hancock United Nations job offer withdrawn Details 0.1734
‘Irony is dead’: Eric Trump mocked over criticism of Biden being in Delaware Details -0.1364
Condemnation as Michael Gove mobbed by group of anti-vaxxer protesters Details -0.2993
Private sector ‘trillions’ are key to tackling climate crisis, Boris Johnson tells business leaders Details 0.1896
Canadian government confirms that memo banning anti-Biden phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is fake Details 0.1238
Donald Trump’s social media app ‘Truth Social’ hijacked by fake account before launch Details -0.2493
Southend to be given city status in tribute to Sir David Amess, Boris Johnson announces Details -0.025
Jacob Rees-Mogg roasted for suggestion Tories don’t need masks in Commons because they ‘know each other’ Details 0.148
Colin Powell's Howard University commencement speech goes viral after his death: 'Never lose faith in America' Details -0.1942
Rishi Sunak’s plan to cut billions more from overseas aid attacked by government advisers Details -0.0561
Colin Powell’s ‘13 Rules of Leadership’ and other famous quotes Details -0.05
NYC mayoral candidates Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa to face off in debate Details -0.1258
Man filmed confronting Michael Gove is ex-Tory councillor who says ‘all men carry knives’ Details -0.0959
MAGA fan says Trump is still flying on Air Force One in bizarre Daily Show interview Details -0.0033
Boris Johnson used £2.6m Downing Street briefing room ‘to watch new James Bond film’ Details -0.0656
Boris Johnson news live: Latest updates as MPs set to reject Lords Environment Bill amendments Details -0.3388
David Amess: Speaker Lindsay Hoyle says ‘quality of political discourse must change’ to end hate Details -0.2198
John McDonnell calls for year-long rent freeze for all tenants in England Details 0.0011
Marjorie Taylor Greene cut off for calling for Biden impeachment during surprise appearance at Stuart Scheller sentencing Details -0.231
Former secretary of state Colin Powell has died Details -0.0911
Dominic Raab was repeatedly warned about swift Taliban takeover of Kabul, diplomatic cables show Details -0.0005
Sajid Javid to give Covid press conference today as cases surge Details -0.1805
Labour muddle over support for Covid ‘plan B’ as Keir Starmer contradicts health spokesperson Details -0.1307
Matt Gaetz says ‘I think someone may be trying to kill me’ in speech on House floor Details -0.2466
Donald Trump’s new social network Details 0.3769
Supply chain crisis could last into next year, Pete Buttigieg warns Details -0.122
Raab threat to ‘correct’ court judgments is ‘deeply troubling’, warn legal experts Details 0.031
Trump sues committee investigating Capitol riots in attempt to block presidential documents Details -0.3639
Manchin considering exiting Democratic Party to be independent senator, report claims Details -0.003
Donald Trump favourite to win 2024 presidential election Details -0.0591
MPs reveal death threats and frustration at police inaction: ‘Officers came to my office and laughed’ Details -0.2821
Senate report recommends Bolsonaro face murder charge over handling of Covid-19 Details -0.2585
Fox News host Neil Cavuto urges vaccinations after bout with Covid, but Fox News hasn’t shared his message Details 0.1685