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Arizona seeks temporary restraining order to stop Biden vaccine mandate Details -0.2499
Seventeen states ask Biden, Garland to stop intimidating parents into silence at school board meetings Details -0.6017
Biden heads to hometown Scranton to pitch shrinking spending agenda Details 0.2728
Nikki Haley slams VP Harris' union push: 'Nothing more than a power grab' Details 0.2202
Obama to attend UN climate summit in Glasgow Details 0.296
Florida first lady Casey DeSantis makes surprise first public appearance since breast cancer diagnosis Details 0.1691
Psaki brushes off video of Biden violating DC mask mandate: Don't 'overly focus on moments in time' Details -0.0059
GOP Rep. Chip Roy grills AG Garland on alleged Loudoun County sexual assault cover-up Details -0.3484
Sean Hannity says Biden 'not well': 'This man should not be our president' Details -0.1925
McCarthy predicts more House Democratic retirements to come ahead of 2022 midterms Details 0.2349
Blinken’s ‘good news, bad news’ comment on drug seizures criticized Details -0.1403
GOP congressman indicted by federal grand jury for lying to FBI Details -0.2034
Brian Laundrie: Gabby Petito fiancé search still on; DeSantis wants justice if guilty: LIVE UPDATES Details -0.2875
NIH acknowledges US funded gain-of-function at Wuhan lab, despite Fauci’s denials Details -0.0907
Afghan refugee charged with rape in Montana, governor says, demanding resettlement halt Details -0.0299
New Mexico far-left, anti-police lawmaker once told to 'f*** off' by own party won't seek re-election Details -0.1422
Hillary Clinton arrives at UC Irvine Medical Center as Bill Clinton recovers from infection Details -0.0397
Congressmen denied access to Afghan refugees at US base in Qatar, Rep. Issa says Details -0.1109
Biden leans more on Obama with White House under pressure from multiple crises Details 0.2169
US special envoy for Afghanistan steps down after withdrawal Details 0.0496
America First Legal request for expedited FOIA on DOJ targeting school board 'violence' denied Details -0.3451
Former President Clinton to stay in hospital Friday night Details 0.223
Education, Trump in the spotlight in tight Virginia governor race with 2 weeks to Election Day Details 0.0042
Arizona Gov. Ducey threatens legal challenge to 'unfathomable' Tucson vaccine mandate Details -0.0111
Biden border nominee faces Senate confirmation hearing amid migrant crisis, pressure on agents Details -0.1883
U.S. needs nuclear spacecraft to compete with China, NASA official tells Congress Details 0.1265
'Defund the police' advocate Cori Bush drops another $65,000 into private security services Details 0.0954
Fauci allegedly misled Trump administration on gain-of-function research in Wuhan: Book Details -0.0736
Eric Swalwell hires Parkland survivor and gun control activist for his campaign Details 0.0083
Senate Republicans slam Biden for border crisis, allege Dems won't hold a hearing on migrant surge Details -0.1659
Alex Murdaugh booked into South Carolina lockup after Florida arrest: report Details -0.3069
White House officials clarify multiple Biden comments made during live town hall Details 0.1261
Border Patrol finds two sisters, 4 and 6, alone near border in Yuma sector Details -0.0316
Bill Clinton to remain in hospital another night, receive antibiotics, spokesman says Details 0.4189
Remembering Colin Powell upon his death: Former President Bush calls him 'a great public servant' Details 0.3202
Alyssa Milano arrested during voting rights protest outside of the White House Details -0.059
White House mum on reports of China testing nuclear missile, says admin welcomes 'stiff competition' Details 0.3107
Dozens of GE employees walk out of South Carolina plant in vaccine mandate protest Details 0.0285
Chinese aggression toward Taiwan testing US resolve in wake of Afghanistan withdrawal, experts say Details 0.0082
Youngkin campaign ad uses McAuliffe's words to showcase his stance against parents influencing schools Details 0.0416
Psaki promises 'to choose my words more carefully' following Hatch Act violation complaint Details -0.0142
Biden pledges to defend Taiwan if China attacks Details -0.0297
Paris Hilton calls on Biden, Congress to take action against the 'troubled teen industry' Details -0.2518
Biden admin gives another $20 million to Mexico, Central America for migrants and refugees Details 0.2217
Iowa professor explains how she circumvents state ban on teaching CRT Details 0.0043
Los Angeles mayor to city employees: Be prepared to lose your job if you aren't vaccinated by deadline Details -0.0527
Gates seems to double down on claim that Biden's been wrong on top foreign policy issues for decades Details -0.213
After Biden says US would defend Taiwan from attack, China says there's 'no room for compromise' Details 0.1392
Karl Rove: ‘The right number of tweets for a White House chief of staff is zero’ Details 0.1079
Billy Porter slams Vogue over Harry Styles cover: 'This is politics for me' Details 0.0242
Colin Powell, former secretary of state, dead at 84 from COVID-19 complications Details 0.3538
DeSantis tweets 'Don't Tread on Florida' flag after calling for special special session to ban jab mandates Details -0.0623
Glenn Youngkin, Jewish leader dismiss Dem's 'ridiculous' claim that criticizing Soros is 'antisemitic' Details -0.205
Tens of thousands of migrants gathering on southern border ahead of 'Remain-in-Mexico' restart, sources say Details -0.0844
Trump faces questions under oath at deposition in case brought by protesters Details -0.0067