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Tony Bobulinski Meeting with Senate Investigators to Turn Over Information Details 0.1286
Disneyland President Blasts California Governor Gavin Newsom over Reopening Rules Details 0.0567
Trump: ‘No problem’ selling F-35 jets to UAE Details 0.2657
Poll: President Trump, Joe Biden Deadlocked in Wisconsin Details 0.0408
Trump Critics Show Ignorance on Immigration Issues with Coyote Posts Details -0.0126
Fact Check: Joe Biden Did Oppose Trump’s Travel Ban on China Details -0.209
Republicans Outpace Democrats in First Two Days of Early Voting in FL Details 0.1258
Shootings: Mayor de Blasio's NYC Up 92 Percent Compared to 2019 Details -0.1343
Poll: Minnesota Senate Race a Stastical Dead Heat Details 0.1521
SF Wants 'Racist' School Names Nixed, Black Mayor: Timing 'Offensive' Details -0.0991
Fact Check: Biden Claims No Impeachment Witness Brought Up Burisma Details -0.0374
Joe Biden Deploys ‘C’mon!’ Defense Eight Times During Final Presidential Debate Details -0.0513
Supreme Court Grants Stay Against ‘Curbside’ Voting in Alabama; Roberts Back with Conservatives Details 0.0496
Trump Delivers on His Promise, Posts Video of Biden Criticizing Fracking Details 0.0438
NY Post: ‘Profiles in Corruption’ Reveals How ‘Biden Five’ Made Millions Off Ex-VP's Connections Details 0.1044
Michigan Poll: Donald Trump 49%, Joe Biden 45% Details 0.2306
Donald Trump Casts Early in-Person Vote in Florida Details 0.125
Donald Trump: Joe Biden’s Bigger Problem Is the ‘Laptop from Hell’ Details -0.1528
Nolte: Here Are 11 of Joe Biden’s Biggest Debate Lies Details -0.1009
Firefighters: L.A. County Ballot Box Intentionally Set On Fire Details -0.477
New Jersey Democrats Charged with Mail-In Voter Fraud Details -0.4175
Licensed Gun Owner Shoots Alleged Home Invader in Chicago Details -0.1859
China Praises Crossing of the Strait of Magellan as Feat of 'Globalization' Details 0.3293
Fact Check: Obama-Biden Used So-Called 'Cages' for Border Crossers Details -0.0258
Donald Trump Nicknames Adam Schiff ‘A Watermelon Head’ Details 0.172
Kamala Harris Refused Death Penalty for Illegal Alien MS-13 Murderer Details -0.4471
Watch: Joe Biden Touts Wall Street’s Support for Him During Debate Details 0.1976
Emails: Chinese Company Gave $5 Million Loan to Biden ‘Family’ Details 0.1611
Pennsylvania Poll: Joe Biden’s Lead Narrows to Just 1.1% Details 0.1082
Joe Biden: ‘I Have Not Taken a Penny from any Foreign Source’ Details 0.191
Report: Big Tech Censored Trump and His Campaign's Accounts 65 Times Details -0.054
Trump Campaign Manager Bill Stepien: ‘We Are Going to Win this Race’ Details 0.0977
Job Creators Network: ‘Trump Dominated’ on Economy and Chinese Virus Details 0.2559
Lisa Murkowski Still Opposes Amy Coney Barrett’s Election-Year Confirmation Details 0.0848
Fact Check: Trump Claims U.S. Carbon Emissions Lowest in 35 Years Details 0.2375
Joe Biden Checks His Watch Towards End of Debate Details -0.0692
Trump to Sign Executive Order Protecting Jewish Students from Discrimination Details 0.1534
Trump Confirms More Federal Judges in First Term than Any President in 40 Years Details 0.2555
Egypt: Police Stage Muscular Topless Graduation Parade for President Sisi Details 0.201
Battleground Florida Breaks Record in First Day of Early Voting Details 0.1331
FDA Approves Remdesivir, First Drug for Treating COVID-19 Details 0.134
PA Rally: Trump Plays Highlight Reel of Joe Biden Criticizing Fracking Details 0.0496
Joe Scarborough Likens Trump Rallies to ‘Salem Witch Trials’ Details -0.4663
Blue State Blues: Nine Things to Vote Against Details -0.0816
WATCH: L.A. Times ‘Undecided’ Focus Group Chooses Trump After Last Debate Details 0.053
Taliban Claims U.S. Violating Peace Deal in Afghanistan Details 0.0073
Mazie Hirono Will Not Ask Biden to Apologize for Saying ‘Sexual Preference’ Details 0.1075
Brain Freeze: Joe Biden Calls ‘Proud Boys’ the ‘Poor Boys’ Details 0.0173
Amy Coney Barrett Is Following the Law All the Way to the Supreme Court Details 0.054
Jim Jordan Says His Staff Has Independently Authenticated Biden Emails Details 0.14
Carney: Leslie Stahl Falsely Told the President Unemployment Claims Were Rising Details 0.0312
GOP Alek Skarlatos Outraised Democrat Peter DeFazio by $1.2 Million Details 0.103
Pollak: Biden, Running on ‘Unity,’ Says He Couldn’t Work with Republicans Details 0.0523
Bill Cassidy Torches Joe Biden's Plan to Shut Down Oil, Natural Gas Details 0.0014
Nancy Pelosi Snaps at Reporter Who Asks About Hunter Biden Details -0.1098
Authorities Arrest, Charge Man Suspected of Burning Trump, Nunes Signs Details -0.3059
Donald Trump: Joe Biden’s ‘Tiny’ Drive-In Rally the ‘Weirdest Thing’ Details -0.0083
Donald Trump Warns of ‘Female Socialist President’ Kamala Harris Details -0.0156
Hunter Biden Business Partner Tony Bobulinski Will Turn Materials over to FBI Details 0.1489
Documentary: Coyotes Use Dem Debates to Recruit Illegal Border Crossers Details -0.1491
Ghislaine Maxwell’s Nephew Worked at Hillary Clinton’s State Department Details 0.0123
Donald Trump Returns to the Campaign Trail with a Vengeance Details 0.1371
Exclusive — Pence: 'Can’t Trust Joe Biden to Deal with the Pandemic' Details 0.0277
Education Department Accuses Colleges of Failing to Report Foreign Gifts Details -0.0854
PHOTO: Joe Biden Meets Hunter Biden’s Business Associate from Kazakhstan Details 0.0927
Joe Biden’s Gun Control Proposals Include Ban on Online Ammo Sales Details -0.1762
Jason Whitlock Interviews Donald Trump and Offers Debate Advice Details 0.0602
Confidence in the ‘Silent Majority’ Booms in Battleground Florida Details 0.2476
Fact Check: Biden Claims Trump Responsible for 200K Deaths Details 0.013
Tom Cotton: Joe Biden Avoids Wage-Raise Policy Details -0.0359
Biden: Nothing Unethical About Son's Business Dealings While I Was VP Details 0.124
Bombshell: Biden Insider Claims He Was 'Recipient of the Email' Details 0.0806
Obamacare Premiums Drop for Third Year in a Row Under Trump Details 0.116
Exclusive--Trump’s Revolutionary Plan for Fixing American Healthcare Details 0.1118
CBS’s Lesley Stahl: ‘No Real Evidence’ Trump Campaign Was Spied On Details -0.1868
Watch Live: President Trump Campaigns in Gastonia, North Carolina Details -0.0566
Joe Biden's Teleprompter Malfunctions During First Coronavirus Update Details 0.0578
Rasmussen: Trump Approval Among Likely Black Voters Jumps to 46% Details -0.0464
Trump Taunts Barack Obama for Saying He Would Never Be President Details 0.0015
Senior Intel Official: Schiff Spreading False Information as Intelligence Details 0.5619
Senate panel to vote on Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett Details 0.1512
Fitton: Judicial Watch Asks for Full Court Review on Clinton Testimony Details -0.0408
Kamala Harris: Climate Change 'Is Threatening Our Very Existence' Details -0.0367
Florida Postal Employee Charged with Stealing Mail-In Ballot Details -0.2988
Fact Check: Pelosi in Chinatown, Dems Criticized Restricting Travel Details 0.0487
Texas Mayoral Candidate Arrested on 109 Counts of Mail-In Voter Fraud Details -0.5066
Report: Hunter Biden's Law Firm Took Nearly $6M from Chinese Oligarch Details 0.0309
Donald Trump Challenges Joe Biden to Come Clean on Family Foreign Deals Details 0.0515
Shock Poll: Trump Down One Point Among Black Voters in Battleground Michigan Details 0.0917
Joe Biden Walks Out, Removes Face Mask at Debate Details -0.0065
Hunter Biden Business Partner Tony Bobulinski Will Turn Materials over to FBI Details 0.1489
Biden: There’s ‘a Number of Alternatives’ to Court-Packing — SCOTUS Isn’t a ‘Political Football’ Details 0.2173
Polls: Arizona Sen. McSally Takes Lead from Dem Challenger Mark Kelly Details 0.0526
Senate Committee Schedules Hearing for Trump FCC Nominee Nathan Simington Details -0.0064
Bio Tech Exec Blasts 'Retarded' Midwesterners After Michigan Trump Rally Details -0.0092
Nolte: Majority Want Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed to Supreme Court Details -0.0468
Trump Campaign: Data Shows Democrats Failing to Meet Required Lead for Early Voting Details 0.0002
12 ‘Groundbreaking’ Pro-Life Accomplishments of President Trump Details 0.261
Ex-Military Lawyer: Cunningham Affair a Public Disgrace of the Uniform Details -0.1859
Democrat Poll: Donald Trump Leads in Michigan Details 0.0828
Report: Bernie Sanders Expressed Interest in Becoming Biden's Labor Sec Details 0.5306
CBS' Lesley Stahl: Biden Laptop Can't Be Verified 'Because It Can't Be' Details -0.1721
Then-Sen. Biden Pushed 2005 Bill that Benefited Son's Employer MBNA Details -0.0657
Ghislaine Maxwell’s 2016 Deposition Transcript Is Unsealed Details -0.2863
Fact Check: Trump Is Right, Joe Biden Wrong, on ‘Xenophobia’ Details -0.3162
Fact Check: Biden Claims Trump Has 'No Plan' to Combat Coronavirus Details 0.2455
Bolivia: Socialists Declare Election Win Despite Lack of Votes Counted Details 0.0679
Schumer Forces Rare Closed-Door Session to Protest Barrett Nomination Details 0.0416
North Carolina Poll: Thom Tillis, Cal Cunningham Tied Details 0.1522
Barack Obama: ‘Reclaim Our Values’ by Voting Against Donald Trump Details -0.0146
Florida Poll: President Donald Trump 50%, Joe Biden 48% Details 0.1191
‘Thousands upon Thousands’ Line Streets to Welcome President to CA Details 0.2145