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Democrat NYC Mayor Candidate Backs Voting Rights for Non-Citizens Details 0.1192
Nolte: Joe Biden Job Approval Average Crashes to New Low Details 0.1014
DeSantis Rips Biden over Vaccine Mandates: 'Trying to Plunge People into Destitution' Details -0.009
Poll: Majority Are 'Personally' Affected by Supply Chain Shortages Details -0.0387
Glenn Youngkin Mocks McAuliffe for Walking Out of TV Interview Details -0.0206
Gov. Tim Walz Offers $100K Scholarship Lotto for Vaccinated Children Details 0.1573
Buttigieg Has Been on Paid Leave Since Mid-August Despite Crisis Details -0.0042
Biden: Justice Dept. Should Prosecute Trump Allies Ignoring Subpoenas Details 0.1533
VA Prosecutor Who Sought Jail for Dad of Abused Daughter Tied to Soros Details 0.183
Poll: Plurality Say Natural Immunity Just as Effective as Coronavirus Vaccine Details -0.152
Joe Biden Uses Law Enforcement Memorial to Push Gun Control, Police Reform Details -0.0299
Report: Supermarket to Raise Prices for Food as Inflation Hurts Families Details -0.0839
IL Gov. Pritzker Keeps Mask Mandate in Place as Cases Drop in Maskless FL Details 0.3112
Watch: ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ Goes Global as Protesters Shout in Rome Details -0.2977
Salon: Biden ‘Far More Successful Stifling Free Speech than Trump Was' Details -0.0391
Cori Bush For Defund Police Push But Spent $130,000 on Own Security Details 0.0648
Delta Air Lines CEO Will Not Enforce ‘Divisive’ Vaccine Mandate Details -0.0185
Poll: 62% of American Voters Believe Biden Is Responsible for Inflation Details -0.0716
Josh Hawley Introduces Bill to Curb Biden's Supply Chain Crisis Details 0.0917
General Colin Powell (1937-2021): Warrior and Diplomat Undone by the Establishment He Supported Details -0.0501
Former L.A. Mayor Blasts Eric Garcetti: ‘I’ve Never Seen the City So Dirty’ Details 0.1565
Biden: I've Spent More Time with Xi Jinping than Other World Leaders Details 0.0645
Nearly 40 Percent of State Workers Unvaccinated in Newsom’s California Details 0.0621
Nolte: Rural Trumpers Already Live in Tolerant Utopia Leftists Want Details -0.1873
Union President: 3,000+ Chicago Police Defying Vaccine Reporting Rules Details -0.0932
Poll: Mo Brooks Leads Alabama’s Senate Republican Primary by 43 Points Details 0.2552
Poll: Joe Biden’s Average Approval Rating Underwater Details -0.053
Colorado Teachers Allegedly Tape Masks to Children’s Faces Details 0.0037
Joe Biden to Discuss ‘Climate Crisis’ with Pope Francis Details -0.0424
15 Shot Tuesday Alone in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Details -0.426
House Republican Support for So-Called Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Weakens Details -0.0002
Report: Districts with ‘Diversity Officers’ Are Expanding Achievement Gaps Details 0.0548
Teacher Shortages Crippling Nation’s Public Schools Details 0.0029
Sinema Opposes Tax Increases to Pay for Democrat Infrastructure Bill Details 0.2981
Ron DeSantis Calls Special Session to Move Against Vaccine Mandates Details 0.0425
Kamala Harris Flies Gas-Guzzling Air Force 2 to 'Tackle the Climate Crisis' Details 0.2603
Shipping Companies Warn Vaccine Mandate Will Increase Labor Shortage Details -0.0732
Nolte: 58% Say Joe Biden Not Mentally or Physically Capable of Being President Details -0.0848
Government Watchdog Group Accuses Jen Psaki of Violating Hatch Act Details 0.1635
White House Defends Joe Biden Maskless ‘Moment’ at D.C. Restaurant Details 0.084
Republicans Blast Biden’s Mask Hypocrisy: ‘Masks for Thee, Not for Me’ Details -0.0116
Poll: Working Class Americans Say U.S. Has Too Much Immigration Details 0.0585
Illinois Supreme Court: Cook County Gun, Ammo Tax Unconstitutional Details 0.0589
Liberals on White House Court-packing Commission Upset that Draft Not Radical Enough Details 0.1845
A Hijacking, Extractions, Executions: Troops Braved Botched Withdrawal Details -0.0331
Rick Scott: 'We Don't Need Fauci's Permission to Celebrate the Holidays' Details 0.5149
Poll: Majority of Americans Say the Pandemic is Getting ‘Less Serious’ Details -0.012
Whitmer May Have to Return Millions in Excess Campaign Contributions Details 0.0243
San Francisco Closes In-N-Out After Company Defies Vaccine Mandates Details -0.2498
Nonprofit Files Lawsuit Over Illegal Absentee Ballot Procedures in VA Details 0.0381
Nolte: Economic Fears Drive Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Down to 41% Details -0.2032
Biden DOJ Asks Supreme Court to Block Texas Heartbeat Act Details 0.0188
VIDEO: Marine Takes Alleged Robber's Gun in Arizona Convenience Store Details -0.2278
White House Disputes Biden Breaking Promise on Justice Dept. Details 0.2539
Study: Sanctuary Cities Do Not Boost Crime Reporting by Illegal Aliens Details -0.2339
Supreme Court: Police Knee in Back During Arrest Not ‘Excessive Force’ Details 0.0989
College Students Reject 'Surveillance State' COVID Restrictions Details -0.065
Bill Clinton Assures World He Is 'Doing Great' After Urological Infection Details 0.2502
Moms Respond to School Boards, DOJ: Parents’ Rights Are Supreme Details 0.0722
Report: Joe Biden Likely to Axe Tax Deduction for Wealthy Blue States in Infrastructure Bill Details 0.1223
‘People Are Hoarding’ — Food Shortages Spike as Supply Chain Crumbles Details -0.1204
Joe Biden Frustrated in Scranton: ‘This Is the United States of America Dammit!’ Details 0.0082
NIH Contradicts Fauci, Admits Funding Gain-of-Function Research at Wuhan Lab Details 0.0114
Report: Defund the Police 'Squad' Spends Nearly $100,000 on Security Details 0.1323
Alejandro Mayorkas Tests Positive for Breakthrough Coronavirus Case Details 0.0972
Nolte: Washington Post's Ruth Marcus Undermines Confidence in Vaccine Details 0.0627
NY School District Slashes Budget by $6M After $4.5M Migrant Cost Details -0.0147
Watch: Virginians Troll Kamala Harris at McAuliffe Event with ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chants Outside Details 0.1045
NYC Mandates COVID Vax for City Workers, Eliminates Testing Option Details -0.0291
Fauci & NIH Take Heat over Funding of Gain-of-Function at Wuhan Lab Details -0.0369
Republicans and Democrats: Colin Powell a Statesman, Mentor, and Public Servant Details 0.293
Heritage Action: Congress Should Boycott Pelosi’s January 6 Commission Details 0.0036
Looming Christmas Shortages Sends #EmptyShelvesJoe Trending Details -0.0245
Youngkin Calls for Investigation into Loudoun Schools’ Alleged Cover-up: ‘Silencing Parents Is Over’ Details -0.1315
White House: ‘No Surprise’ Biden Is Flying Migrants into States at Night Details 0.1204
Poll: Joe Biden’s Job Approval Hits New Low at 36 Percent Details -0.253
Chicago’s Art Institute Fires All of Its Docents: Too Many Wealthy White Ladies Details -0.014
Afghan Brought to U.S. by Biden Accused of Raping Teen Girl in Montana Details -0.1327
Trump Mocks Biden Corruption: ‘Hunter Has Inspired Me to Paint' Details 0.0489
Marsha Blackburn: Illegals from 88 Gangs Caught at Border this Year Details -0.3702
CDC: Mask Mandates Should Remain in Schools as We Vaccinate Children Details 0.1048
Biden Could Have Taxpayers Funding San Francisco Homeless Hotels Details 0.1891
Minnensota Media: Too Many White Farmers in State, Black Farmers Need Aid Details -0.0192
Gavin Newsom to the Rescue: Signs Executive Order on Cargo Crisis Details -0.1191
Emails Show NSBA Officers Worked with White House to Target Parents Details -0.1527
Judge Rules Canadian Pastor Must Repeat Court's Coronavirus Statement Details 0.063
Biden: 'Unfortunately' Powell's Coronavirus Vaccine 'Didn't Work' Details -0.1721
Man Allegedly Breaks into Apartment, Dies After Resident Shoots Him Details -0.1556
Backflip: White House Contradicts Joe Biden’s Promise to Defend Taiwan Details 0.1769
Terry McAuliffe Ends Interview, Berates Reporter over Questions Details 0.068
Kamala Harris to Push 'Build Back Better' Agenda at Lake Mead Details 0.1937
Trump on Powell: Made Big Mistakes, Anyway May He Rest in Peace Details -0.2782
AG Took Word of National School Boards Assoc. to Target Parents Details -0.4699
Harris in Videos Screening in Black VA Churches: Vote for McAuliffe Details 0.2539
Inhofe Urges DOD to Suspend 'Politically Motivated' Vaccine Mandate Details -0.0676
Rand Paul Praises In-N-Out: 'Who Said Corporations Can’t Act Heroically?' Details 0.1128
Report: DHS Chief Mayorkas Considers Excusing Immigration Fraud Details 0.1063
Body of Alleged Burglar Found Lying in Street After Homeowner Shoots Details -0.0629
Outrage on Granholm's U.S. No ‘Moral Authority' over China on Climate Details 0.1243
Domino’s CEO: U.S. Needs More Immigration to Drive Up Population Details 0.1727
Report: Manchin Donor’s Company Receives $1M Grant from Energy Dept Details 0.3191
Report: Media Report 'Zero' on Joe & Hunter Shared Bank Accounts Details 0.1547
Poll: Virginia Governor’s Race in Dead Heat Between Youngkin, McAuliffe Details 0.1234
Rubio: Biden Must Fire John Kerry for Investment in Chinese Company Details -0.0156
Report: Ace Hardware Shelves Go Bare While Supply Chain Crisis Rages Details -0.4813
GOP Rep. Taylor: Biden’s ‘Outrageous’ Immigration Policy ‘Has Turned the Border Patrol into Border Processing’ Details -0.3775
Lightfoot: Police Should Not 'Ruin Their Careers' over Vax Rules Details -0.2258
California Teachers and Parents Plan Walkout Over Vaccine Mandate Details 0.1333
Christian Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti: 17 Adults and Children Held Details -0.0773
Louisiana AG to JP Morgan: No State Business if Your Policies Harm 2A Details -0.0115
Biden Report: Climate Change Calls for ‘Realignment’ of U.S. Economy Details 0.0038
House of Representatives Staffer Faces Child Porn Possession Charges Details -0.0918
SHOCKING: Nike Exec. Larry Miller Admits to Murdering Teen, Receives Praise From Nike, CEO Details 0.1194