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Yep. Sinema’s Cratering Back Home Details 0.0974
Bush to headline fundraiser for Cheney after Trump backs foe Details -0.1761
Former ABC News executive says Chris Cuomo harassed her Details -0.1135
Couple asked to leave Texas bar for violating ‘no mask’ policy Details 0.0989
US to hand over 3,500-year-old 'Gilgamesh' tablet to Iraq Details 0.1456
When a President Wrote for the Book Review Details 0.3402
Fox News Channel – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre Details -0.0318
Meet The First Trump Cronies Subpoenaed By The Jan. 6 Committee Details -0.1448
Civil suit filed against Texas doctor in test of abortion law Details -0.0507
Trump gets revenge on George W. Bush and Liz Cheney with savage image! Details -0.0318
How Facebook made money dividing the US into adversarial political subgroups Details 0.0188
Biden Looks to Avoid Blocking Requests for Trump Records in Jan 6 Probe -White House Details 0.0487
Matt Gaetz scandals are getter weirder — even by Florida standards Details 0.1381
Maricopa County celebrates Cyber Ninjas audit admitting that Joe Biden did, in fact, win Details -0.1728
CFMEU accuses its own MEMBERS of being ‘far-right Nazis’ Details -0.2506
POTUS News: Biden has say in whether Trump’s 1/6 records go to Congress Details 0.0281
For Many, the Pandemic Was a Wakeup Call About Exploitative Work Details 0.1043
Somehow, we’re still learning the depths of Trump’s dishonesty Details 0.1261
Judge seeks info on Georgia investigations of counterfeit ballots Details -0.3693
Memo shows Trump lawyer's six-step plan for Pence to overturn the election Details -0.1037
Evacuations hit 6,000 as lava gushes from Canary Islands volcano Details -0.1113
Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father Details 0.1073
COVID-19 creates dire US shortage of teachers, school staff Details 0.073
President Donald Trump Responds to Arizona Audit Results: “I will be discussing the winning results – which show 44,000 illegal ballots “ Details 0.145
COVID supply woes hit alcohol in the US Details -0.0776
Stallion statues and cocaine: Rome has a new mafia Details -0.1613
US returns ancient Gilgamesh tablet to Iraq Details 0.1254
Texas appellate justices appear skeptical of Ken Paxton's defense Details 0.0306
NYT: Internal Trump Camp Memo Debunked Powell’s Dominion Lies, Lawsuit Claims Details -0.0749
'Godfather of modern Black cinema' Melvin Van Peebles dies at 89 Details 0.0306
'Hand Solo': the one-armed boy who built a Lego prosthesis Details 0.1161
‘Maderna’ tourist wanted after skipping Hawaii Zoom hearing Details -0.2182
Policy vs Positioning Has Dems in a Stalemate Details 0.0524
What If 2020 Was Just a Rehearsal? Details -0.0513
Analysis: New bombshells show Trump's coup threat was real and hasn't passed Details -0.0476
Surfing doctor finds simple life-saving shark bite treatment Details 0.1057
Arizona Audit Senate Hearing LIVE ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily Details 0.1247
NEW Statement From President Trump! Details -0.0686
Who are the Trump allies facing Jan 6th woes? Details 0.1392
Fact-checking Kevin McCarthy's claims on government spending under Trump Details -0.2635
Kyrsten Sinema targeted for obstructing Build Back Better act Details -0.1024
Utah police have found a body that might be Gabby Petito: report Details -0.0163
Opinion | The Mendacity of Joe Biden Details -0.2136
Trump files $100 million suit against niece, New York Times over bombshell tax story Details -0.0593
House GOP leadership urges opposition to infrastructure bill ahead of key vote Details 0.0631
Trump releases statement falsely claiming GOP audit in Arizona uncovered 'undeniable evidence' of fraud after the audit confirmed Biden won Details 0.0675
GOP: Gang of Pedophiles Details -0.1516
The Power of President Trump's Endorsement Details 0.2394
biden corn pop was a bad dude funny - Biden Corn Pop Was A Bad Dude Funny Pol - T-Shirt Details 0.3965
BREAKING: Black Prison Rate Under President Trump Is Lowest In 31 Years…Down 24% For Hispanics-Media SILENT Details -0.0582
The Difference Between Biden Supporters and Trump Supporters It was a nice, sunny day when a ma... Details 0.0562