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COVID Patient Who Left Hospital With Anti-Vaxxer's Help Has Died Details 0.0267
Libya Stabilization Act (H.R. 1228) Details 0.4618
Dogs at the Miami airport are being trained to sniff out COVID-19. Here's how it works Details 0.0449
Gabby Petito case: Federal arrest warrant issued for Brian Laundrie Details -0.1702
Mark Brnovich Dominates GOP Poll For Arizona U.S. Senate Primary Details 0.3094
Cambodia Democracy Act of 2021 (H.R. 4686) Details 0.4618
EQUAL Act (H.R. 1693) Details 0.4618
Homeless man could face 7 years in prison for shortchanging store 43 cents Details -0.4371
Children Of Dad Who Died Of COVID Blame His Death On Tucker Carlson Details -0.0777
Nicki Minaj’s husband’s accuser breaks her silence on ‘The Real’ Details -0.2457
US-UK trade deal ‘not a priority for US administration’ Details 0.2367
Investigators: Colorado man chose to 'hunt and control' wife Details -0.2587
Tulsi Gabbard Blames Her 2020 Failure On Hillary Clinton And ‘Deep State’ Details 0.0402
DHS Contract Reporting Act of 2021 (H.R. 4363) Details 0.4618
Texas governor sends fleet of cars to southern border to form barrier Details 0.0343
War Crimes Rewards Expansion Act (H.R. 4250) Details 0.4618
Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act (H.R. 5305) Details 0.4618
Methamphetamine Deaths Soar, Hitting Black And Native Americans Especially Hard Details -0.0447
Climate scientist warns cyclones could soon be the norm in Europe Details -0.0855
Marvel's Eternals gets PG-13 rating for 'brief sexuality' Details 0.1694
Woman accused of faking vaccine card wanted after skipping hearing Details -0.3483
Eddie Murphy signs film deal with Amazon Studios Details 0.3757
Homeland Security for Children Act (H.R. 4426) Details 0.4618