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Trump blames media after Arizona audit finds Biden won Details -0.1457
Former White House lawyer points out 30-year-old roadmap for investigating and indicting Trump Details 0.1118
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Slammed for Betraying Base, Praised by Anti-LGBTQ+ Details 0.1041
Democrats Say They’ve Sort Of Reached A Deal On Their Huge Social Program Bill Details 0.1545
Steve Bannon admits he helped plan 6 January Trump rally to ‘kill the Biden presidency in the crib’ Details -0.1589
House votes to avert government shutdown and default. Senate Republicans are united in opposition Details -0.227
Democrats are committing political suicide Details 0.0202
More than 500 female athletes calling on Supreme Court to rebuff Mississippi abortion law Details 0.1146
Trump says only a 'bad call from a doctor' would keep him from running in 2024 Details -0.0712
Joe Biden dies slow death by media Details 0.0055
Bob Woodward Warns Trump Wants To Be President Again For 1 Worrying Reason Details -0.0342
Analysis: New bombshells show Trump's coup threat was real and hasn't passed Details -0.0476
Angela Merkel's failure to deal with China sees country's economy 'doomed' in two years Details -0.0003
High Court can't afford partisanship Details 0.2418
Fauci ignoring evidence supporting natural immunity Details 0.3594
Trump's Arizona "audit" ends in second humiliating defeat: report Details -0.0174
'Truth is truth': Trump dealt blow as Republican-led Arizona audit reaffirms Biden win Details -0.0232
POLL: Less Than Half Of Americans Say Biden Is Mentally Stable Enough To Serve As President Details 0.2985
Mark Zuckerberg agreed not to fact check political posts as part of deal with Trump: New book Details 0.0629
Mayorkas says as many as 12K out of 17K migrants have been released into U.S., and ‘it could be higher’ Details 0.0749
Kyrsten Sinema Is Threatening to Derail Democrats’ Agenda. Again. Details 0.1834
Kamala Harris raises 'grave concerns' over treatment of Haitian migrants in call with DHS chief Details 0.0764
Wife reveals how Monica Lewinsky had an affair with her husband before tryst with President Clinton Details -0.036
President Biden Removed Donald Trump’s White House Golf Simulator Details 0.064
Projected college football rankings after Texas A&M, Clemson get upset Details -0.148
Sidney Powell suggests Jan. 6 attack was designed to give Supreme Court time to stop Biden's win Details -0.051
Panel approves Dems’ $3.5 trillion bill, crunch time for Biden agenda Details 0.1412
Justice for J6 rally: Jason Stanley, author of How Fascism Works, says Trumpists don’t need riots anymore. Details -0.0208
Fewer than one-third of Americans want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, new polling finds Details 0.2068
Former president George W Bush to hold fundraiser for Liz Cheney Details -0.1486
Mike Lindell alleged widespread voter fraud in Alabama. The GOP secretary of state says he's dead wrong. Details -0.1251
Trump went all-out to win farmer support. Now they're all in on Biden's infrastructure plan Details 0.1041
Shooting at Russian university leaves 8 dead, 24 hurt Details -0.423
Here's the real crime Gen. Milley exposed: the cowardice of Senate Republicans Details -0.1408
Republican Threats to Let U.S. Default on Debt Could Backfire Details -0.2258
Biden tries to salvage agenda threatened by Democratic infighting Details -0.0451
To reduce poverty, stop burdening the poor: What Joe Manchin gets wrong about the child tax credit Details 0.0067
George W Bush’s former ethics lawyer calls for special counsel into Trump under 30-year-old Biden plan Details -0.076
Trump’s Election Lawyers Were Full of It, According to [Checks Notes] a Trump Campaign Memo Details -0.1271
Teacher bonus checks are bouncing in Florida Details 0.1064
Two state legislators switch political party affiliation – Ballotpedia News Details 0.1528
Biden challenges UN to act together on pandemic, climate change Details 0.1299
Oops, the Arizona recount the MAGA crew demanded actually took votes away from Trump Details -0.0276
After a Michigan doctor wrote about combative COVID-19 patients, most of them died Details -0.2265
Brexit payback: EU's 'anger' at UK sees Brussels pay price for Britain's global alliances Details -0.0012
Sen. Hawley's 'holds' on Biden nominees are hostage-taking, not policymaking Details 0.0296
Capitol Police reported more than 4,000 threats against lawmakers in first months of 2021 Details -0.2248
'Playing with fire': Democrats, Republicans on a collision course over debt limit, spending Details -0.2266
President Biden Issued This Warning on Moderna and J&J Boosters Details 0.1024
Maryland governor to Congress: The infrastructure bill drama is arcane. 'Just get it done.' Details 0.0174
Congress asks for testimony from Capitol riot defendants who have pleaded guilty Details -0.1377
Jennifer Rubin: Dems must get Manchin to realize ‘this is not ‘50s version of GOP’ Details -0.0257
Trump abused the president's powers. Democrats say never again. Details 0.1831
Eight progressive Democrats vote against funding Israel's Iron Dome, as angry words fly Details -0.1066
Arizona Democrats sound off against election audit reaffirming Biden win Details -0.005
Betsy DeVos offers veiled criticism of GOP's ongoing passion for Trump Details 0.0164
Trump increasingly losing favor with Michigan Republicans who don't care who he endorses: report Details 0.1223
'Devastating': Florida Republicans worried about 2022 as they crafted election law Details 0.0757
Washington is run by very old people Details 0.0603
Arizona governor says state will not decertify 2020 election results, ‘outcome stands’ Details 0.1004
Biden To Ignore Trump And Turn Over All Info To 1/6 Committee Details -0.0145
Country Music Hall of Famer Ray Stevens Declares 'There Ain't Nothing Political About Vaccines' Details 0.1405
Biden administration doubles refugee admissions target to 125K Details 0.3768
Texas governor quietly signs new law further restricting abortions Details -0.1037
Republican Representative Lauren Boebert Goes Full Blunderbuss Details 0.0833