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Fauci: Trump has not attended a White House coronavirus task force meeting in 'several months' Details -0.0034
What actually happened with FirstEnergy's $158K checks to Ohio politicians Details 0.0261
President Trump’s "body tics" and "forward-leaning posture" raise concerns: expert Details 0.0432
Federal Judges Claim It’s Unconstitutional for States to Protect Voting Rights Details 0.0803
Cindy Hyde-Smith Wants to Destroy the ACA. In the ’90s, Her Organization Lobbied for a Public Option. Details 0.268
Kanye West spends another $3m on election campaign - but gets less than $3,000 in donations Details 0.1693
Republican candidate suggests Democrats will win Senate as Trump looks on Details -0.2603
What if Democrats win control over everything but the Supreme Court? Details 0.1893
GOP coronavirus bill blocked as deal remains elusive Details 0.1137
Is it possible to prepay taxes, as President Trump claims he did? Details 0.0777
NFL World Reacts To Thursday’s Dez Bryant News Details 0.1951
NOT FAKE NEWS: Trump just picked up one more vote Details 0.0691
Mitch McConnell Warns White House Not To Accept Stimulus Deal Before Election Details 0.1608
Supreme Court vote tears at Judiciary Committee relationships Details -0.2128
Pete Buttigieg Is Back on Fox Destroying Trump and Conservatives Details 0.0509
Rudy Giuliani tricked into compromising scene in new Borat film Details -0.0053
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Threaten to Sue Lincoln Project Over Times Square Billboards Details -0.3818
San Antonio election updates: Early voting, poll information, tight races and more Details 0.0525
Trump Releases 60 Minutes Interview With Mike Pence Details 0.0494
As the White House’s white nationalist ties are exposed further, its defenders go on the attack Details -0.2342
The real reason Trump walked out of his interview with Lesley Stahl Details -0.0708
Kellyanne Conway is being paid $15,000 a month by the GOP following her White House exit: filings Details 0.0255
CBS' Lesley Stahl has some choice words for Trump & Pence Details 0.0448
President Trump's Position on Social Security Is at Odds With What the Majority of Americans Want Details 0.2582
How Trump Got Away With Hiding His Chinese Business Details 0.0569
Supreme Court denies GOP bid to block extended mail ballot due date in Pennsylvania Details 0.209
Rudy Giuliani Made a Transphobic Comment When Confronted About Borat Prank Details 0.1317
A political scientist explains why the GOP is a threat to American democracy Details 0.164
Mitch McConnell defeats Democrat attempts to derail Amy Coney Barrett's nomination Details 0.1352
Democrats to boycott Barrett vote, Senate GOP pushes ahead Details 0.1012
Fox News Has Done More to Incite Domestic Political Violence Than Donald Trump Details 0.0055
Sacha Baron Cohen Slaps Down Giuliani's 'Borat' Denial With Ominous Warning Details 0.2145
HBCU President Dies Of COVID-19 Just Three Months After Being Hired Details 0.2374
Trump campaign tapes voters at drop boxes, threatens lawsuit Details -0.2237
Trump distances himself from Senate candidates Details -0.1844
On first Saturday ever of Kentucky early voting, Louisville voters pack popular poll spot Details 0.0884
McConnell urges White House against large stimulus deal as Pelosi and Mnuchin continue talks Details 0.0573
Utah’s ballot count is underway and there are signs that turnout this election will be big Details 0.2176
Donald Trump moans he's never asked his favourite milkshake - then refuses to answer Details 0.2196
White House Chief of Staff dodges question on Trump’s secret Chinese bank account Details -0.0492