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Liz Cheney says House Republicans have ‘enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-semitism’ Details -0.3121
House Judiciary Committee approves Supreme Court ethics overhaul Details 0.068
Pennsylvania Senate candidate Fetterman hospitalized with stroke Details 0.107
At least 10 dead in mass shooting at Buffalo, New York, supermarket: Police Details -0.0737
Dan Crenshaw Says Right Wing Of The Party Is ‘Dead Wrong’ On Not Giving Aid To Ukraine Details -0.1749
W. James Antle III: Senate blocks bill to codify Roe v Wade. The GOP is missing its political moment. Details 0.1344
Marco Rubio vs. Val Demings is set to test whether Democrats should just give up on red-shifting Florida Details 0.1736
Dana White admits he endorsed Trump’s presidency because he helped UFC during dark age Details 0.0708
Russian Allies Get Tongue-Lashing at Putin’s Ultimate Pity Party Details -0.1311
Biden labels Buffalo shooting 'domestic terrorism' after visiting scene Details -0.3194
John Fetterman wins Democratic Senate primary in Pennsylvania after health scare Details 0.1442
Gunman kills 10 in live-streamed racial attack on New York state supermarket Details -0.2055
Buffalo Suspect Threatened His High School and Stalked Grocery Store, Cops Say Details -0.2039
Judge: California’s women on boards law is unconstitutional Details 0.0032
U.S. Supreme Court backs Ted Cruz, dumps campaign finance curb Details 0.2196
Thousands Protest at Utah State Capitol Over Fundamental Right to Abortions: 'Our Lives Are at Stake' Details 0.0518
Poll: Plurality supports expanding Supreme Court in wake of leaked Roe ruling Details 0.5712
Pelosi Calls The Supreme Court ‘Dangerous To The Freedoms Of Our Country’ Details 0.06
How some students are protesting law dubbed ‘don’t say gay’ as graduation nears Details 0.0055
The Rotten Core of Our Political System Details 0.042
Ukraine 'to be pushed into accepting Russian terms' by Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz Details 0.0554
Leaked abortion opinion was from February because it’s the only one the Supreme Court has: report Details -0.0017
Rand Paul blocks quick passage of $40 billion Ukraine aid package Details 0.0053
'Not the time to politicize this tragedy' says GOP leader whose rhetoric inspired Buffalo shooter Details -0.5607
Bill to Make Abortion Legal Nationwide Fails in the Senate as All Republicans and 1 Democrat Vote No Details 0.0661
FDA, Abbott agree on plan to resume production of infant formula at Michigan plant Details 0.1138
Pelosi calls Republican effort to include Title 42 amendment in COVID-19 funding bill 'blackmail' Details -0.0225
Do Democrats Finally Have Their Answer to Trumpism? Details 0.1972
Trump-Backed Senate Candidate Dr. Oz Refuses to Say 2020 Election Was Stolen When Pressed By Anchor Details -0.0725
Far-Right Republicans In Pennsylvania Ban Media From Campaign Stops Details 0.0762
Joe Biden unveils new nickname for Trump - but he seems to love it Details 0.2558
Congress takes all the fun out of UFOs — I smell coverup! Details 0.1705
Melania Trump gives first post-White House interview: On her critics, volunteer work, more Details 0.1474
Supreme Court accepts case challenging constitutionality of SEC's in-house judges Details 0.3079
10 people killed in a racially motivated mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket, police say Details -0.0362
Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Kevin McCarthy, other GOP members for testimony Details -0.056
Clarence Thomas says abortion leak has changed Supreme Court Details 0.0884
Oklahoma voters could be asked to change state Supreme Court nominating process Details 0.3203
QAnon’s Chief Enabler Ran a Website Where He Brushed Off Concerns About Pedophilic Content Details -0.068
CNN Poll: Most Americans are concerned about the US and 'burned out' on politics Details 0.025
Trump-endorsed 'freaks and liars' are making Republicans worried about midterm chances: Morning Joe Details 0.0796
Samuel Alito Dodges Easy Question About His Supreme Court Colleagues - Above the Law Details 0.3717