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US aims to resume regular evacuation flights from Afghanistan Details -0.0424
US Commission on Civil Rights members blast AG Garland for memo on parents protesting school boards Details -0.2225
AOC, Omar crank up pressure on Biden to release student loan memo, cancel debt Details -0.3029
Psaki promises 'to choose my words more carefully' following Hatch Act violation complaint Details -0.0142
GOP's 'short term sugar high in Donald Trump' won't last, Georgia's Republican lt. gov. predicts Details 0.1568
Border Patrol finds two sisters, 4 and 6, alone near border in Yuma sector Details -0.0316
The Heart-Wrenching Death Of Colin Powell Details 0.1114
Ted Cruz challenges AOC to 'cry in front of the Biden cages' as border crisis rages Details -0.3862
Biden pledges to defend Taiwan if China attacks Details -0.0297
Rep. Boebert appears to catch Rep. Nadler sleeping during Garland hearing Details -0.0007
Maryland U.S. Rep. Andy Harris prescribes ivermectin to patient to treat COVID-19 Details 0.1311
Biden will 'ruin Christmas' if supply chain crisis isn't immediately addressed, Republicans warn Details -0.2645
Eric Swalwell hires Parkland survivor and gun control activist for his campaign Details 0.0083
White House secretly flying kids from border at night: NY Post Details 0.1349
Progressives fume as Biden Supreme Court commission seems to reject court-packing Details 0.11
Bill Clinton says he is 'on the road to recovery' following hospital release Details 0.6243
The Men Who Are Killing America’s Newspapers Details 0.0
California parents, teachers plan statewide walkout to protest school vaccine mandate Details 0.0147
Retired military leaders demand mass resignation of Biden team: Milley, Austin, Blinken, Sullivan Details -0.1676
Michigan Gov. Whitmer expected to veto GOP-backed school choice bill Details 0.2844
Biden HHS nominee moved mother out of care facility as she directed nursing homes to take COVID patients Details 0.193
Thousands of Haitian migrants camped in Texas town being let into US, report says Details -0.0957
Fauci: People 'react against me' when 'truth becomes inconvenient' Details -0.2363
Chants of 'F--- Joe Biden' rain down from NASCAR stands during interview with Talladega winner Details -0.0205
Nikki Haley slams VP Harris' union push: 'Nothing more than a power grab' Details 0.2202
Biden's polling worse than Obama, Bush, Clinton, better than Trump, at this point in their presidencies Details 0.0188
Fauci allegedly misled Trump administration on gain-of-function research in Wuhan: Book Details -0.0736
Dem candidate Kirsten Engel says GOP is doing 'disservice' to border communities by saying there's 'crisis' Details -0.1647
Biden says police officers, first responders should be fired for refusing jab Details -0.1088
Navy SEALS seeking religious exemptions to vaccine mandate facing intimidation and harassment, sources say Details -0.0551
McConnell jabs at Trump saying 2022 midterms shouldn’t be ‘rehash’ of 2020 election Details 0.061
Bob Woodson: Honoring Nikole Hannah-Jones for 'free speech' is like firefighters honoring an arsonist Details 0.078
Texas Senate passes bill requiring students to play on sports teams corresponding with biological sex Details 0.228
Psaki denies transporting illegal immigrants at 2:30 am is 'middle of the night,' calls it 'early flight' Details -0.1701
McAuliffe nods along as Stacey Abrams tells 'Big Lie' that Georgia race was stolen from her Details 0.0112
Congressmen denied access to Afghan refugees at US base in Qatar, Rep. Issa says Details -0.1109
Whitmer vetoes election bills Michigan GOP says will restore faith in elections Details 0.0766
Oregon vaccine mandate: Federal judge denies last-minute bid to stop order Details -0.1921
Bill Clinton released from hospital in Southern California Details 0.1912
Supreme Court signals quick resolution on Biden challenge to landmark Texas abortion law Details 0.2676
Southern California Dems distancing from Biden admin on supply chain crisis, oil spill disaster Details -0.1347
Outsider24 Details -0.0048
Sean Hannity says Biden 'not well': 'This man should not be our president' Details -0.1925
DeSantis threatens to sue Biden administration over vaccine mandate Details -0.0563
Soros group pours $500k into campaign to oppose reinstating Austin police units that were defunded Details -0.0921
Arizona seeks temporary restraining order to stop Biden vaccine mandate Details -0.2499
Top Biden officials keep being MIA during crises Details -0.1716
Biden border nominee refuses to call migrant surge a 'crisis,' claims no 'ready-to-go plan' to solve it Details -0.0684
Manchin dismissively calls Sanders a ‘self-declared independent socialist’ Details 0.0479
COVID politics, mask mandates drive Colorado parents to run for school board Details 0.123
Biden drops to 38% approval in new national poll Details 0.187
After Biden says US would defend Taiwan from attack, China says there's 'no room for compromise' Details 0.1392
Tucker Carlson: Everyone at the White House has gone crazy Details 0.1298
RNC targets McAuliffe for controversial remarks regarding children’s education as governor’s race heats up Details -0.0196
How AI is helping the natural sciences Details 0.2994
'Squad' member Cori Bush's jewelry, dresses from constituents raise ethic 'red flags,' watchdog says Details 0.1752